Sentral Bahana Ekatama

Sentral Bahana Ekatama is a company engaged in the industry that produces injection plastic products, motorcycle helmets and molds for injection plastic products.

Started in 1990 by the name of Sinar Baja Electric Division 3, Sentral Bahana Ekatama has now...


Why Us ?


SNI-KA04025_1698049907_1698107045.jpeg SNI-KA04025_1698049907_1698107045.jpeg
SNI-KA04023_1698049935_1698107057.jpeg SNI-KA04023_1698049935_1698107057.jpeg
Sertifikat SNI ISO 9001 2015 - 21 Juni 2026 (KAN)_page-0001-edit_1698049971.jpg Sertifikat SNI ISO 9001 2015 - 21 Juni 2026 (KAN)_page-0001-edit_1698049971.jpg
Sertifikat SNI ISO 9001 2015 - 21 Juni 2026 (UKAS)_page-0001-edit_1698049982.jpg Sertifikat SNI ISO 9001 2015 - 21 Juni 2026 (UKAS)_page-0001-edit_1698049982.jpg

SNI 1811-2007 stipulates technical specifications for protective helmets used by riders and passengers of two-wheeled motorized vehicles, including the classification of standard open helmets (open face) and closed standard helmets (full-face).

ISO 9001:2015 Certification is an international standard for Quality Management System Certification, or also known as Quality Management System Certification.

Quality Assurance

  1. Quality
    With the implementation of standard quality system conforming to ISO 9001:2015 enable us to conduct continues improvement effectively to meet international quality standard. Sentral Bahana Ekatama has implemented equipment standardization to help reduce process variation and improve quality.
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    Color evaluation by using high accuracy measurement instrument, Chroma Meter, helps to control the color quality, consistency and appearance of coloring or painting product.


    Measure coating thickness by using proven ultrasound technology, ideal for measuring up to 3 layers of coatings on plastic.


    Determining the resistance of paints and coatings to separation from substrates by cross cut test


    Lux meter


    Pressure gauge


    Height Gauge

  3. Realibility
    We honor customer time table and mutual beneficial long term relationship. Our fully equipped workshop not only capable of making high precision mold, but also supporting complete maintenance, modification and repair, thus allowing us to maintain strict on time production and delivery schedule.
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Production Floor Plastic Injection

Our Plastic Injection Department have thirty years of experience in providing contract manufacturing services. We have ability to manufacture customs plastic injection mold in house, provide our clients with opportunity to have advantage of a true, full service provider for their products. We are your partner form concept to market, all the way through product assembly, packaging and fulfillment, that gives a better value for our clients to work with someone who truly understands their product from beginning to end.
Manual Spray Painting

Production Floor Finishing

Coupled with industry leading manufacturing innovation and a dedication to the rigorous disciplines of quality assurance, our finishing facilities offer:

  • Class 1000 Clean Painting Room
  • Automatic and Manual Spray Painting Line
  • Conveying Oven Up to 90°C
  • Pad Printing Line
  • Hot Stamping Line
  • Decal Application Line
Automatic Spraying Machine

Dryer & Oven Conveyor

Hot Stamp

Automatic Screen Printing

Decal Application

Polishing Process

Class 1000 Clean Painting Room

Production Floor Safety Helmet

Our own in house motorcycle helmet production is being improved from the beginning it started. Strict quality control guidelines are in place during all phases of production, from designing, shell production process, to the point of final assembly. In the assembly process, every single helmet receives a more thorough inspection to ensure quality.

The helmets designed specifically for both performance and safety usage. It has excelled at finding the right balance between helmet stylishness, functionality and affordability as the product line has expanded to include dozens of offerings.

We exlusively use the best material for our products. 100% pure ABS high impact - material of our helmet shell - are extremly strong and lighweiht. Our helmet visors are made from Makrolon Policarbonate produced by Bayer material Science Germany - a plastic that exceptionally break-resistant and virtually splinter-proof. User safety is our top priority.

Assembly Line

Hydraulic Cutting Machine